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Participants organising the conference sessions presented a proposal for their contribution. Proposals are available in pdf-format. Some of the presentations held during the conference are also available.
Please click on a title to open the file.

Thursday 11 June

The KB E-Depot - Marcel Ras (Presentation)

Session 1

The Architectural Practices as First Curators of Their Archives – David Peyceré

Save the Bubble – Bernhard Franken, Sümri Vogel and Berthold Scharrer

Session 2
Building a Fedora Repository for Architectural Content – Sofie de Caigny

Connecting the Digital with the Physical LAM. Building a Digital Repository for the NAi – Henk Vanstappen

Connection Between E-Depot And Project Construction Drawings - Josje Everse (Presentation)

Session 3
Archiwordnet, a Bilingual Thesaurus for Architecture and Building. Compilation and Application to Hybrid Archives – Andrea Bocco, Enrica Bodrato and Antonella Perin. (Presentation)

The PiacenzaLabs Repository, a MACE EU Project Application – Ezio Arlati, Elena Bogani and Andrea Cammarata.

Connecting Digital Architectural Archives with MACE : Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe – Stefan Boeykens

Friday 12 June

Sesson 4

Defining and Encoding Architectural Information for Digital Archives – Kristine K. Fallon (Presentation)

New Interfaces, New Scenarios. Vroom n.0: the Emerging Potential of Collaborative 3D Web Platforms – Eduardo Aguirre León and Mauricio Ramírez Molina.

Thoughts on a Distributed Web-Portal for World Wide Collaboration among Architectural Archives and Historians – Bernd Kulawik. (Presentation)

Session 5
Orthophotographic Survey Procedure for the Interior Façade of the Van Buuren Museum – David Lo Buglio and Denis Derycke

3D as a Content, 3D as a Metaphor. Experiments on Distributing and Interfacing Information about Historic Artefacts Using Spatio-temporal Visual Disposals – Jean Yves Blaise and Iwona Dudek

Session 6
Nextroom. The European Hub for Architecture – Stephan Haupt, Helga Kusolitsch, Juerg Meister. (Presentation)

Image ARCHIVE. An Operating Space for Architecture Videos - Paola Ricco. (Presentation)

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On Digital Archives
Related articles on digital archives and a new collection information system published previously on the NAi website.

How to get there and where to stay
Addresses and maps of the main venues: NAi Rotterdam and National Library The Hague. We also recommend a number of hotels for conference visitors from abroad.

Registration and payment
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Program of the conference, including thematical sessions and visits to the National Archives and the NAI model collection.

Conference: Hybrid Architectural Archives 10 - 12 June 2009
In a three day conference in June 2009, the NAi aims to map the development of research and experiences in creating, consuming and using digital architectural archives.