If you wish to take part in the conference, please complete the registration form available on this website.

Conference fee
The conference fee is € 250 Euro (including 6% Dutch VAT). If you wish to participate in the conference diner on June 11, you are kindly requested to remit € 295 Euro.

Registration and payment allow access to the conference, documentation, museum- and library visits, coffee and tea, lunches on Thursday and Friday. Conference diner (June 11) will cost ca € 45 Euro per person, and is not included in the conference fee.

The conference fee (and, if appropriate, additional diner costs) should by payed by remitting the amount to the ABN AMRO bank, in favour of ‘NAI Hybrid Archives’ and mentioning the name of the participant(s). You will not receive an invoice beforehand. Please note that all bank handling costs are to be payed by the participants.

Bank: ABN AMRO. Accountnumber (BIC-code: ABNANL2A / IBAN-code: NL06ABNA0548251630
Recipient name and address: NAi, Museumpark 25 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

General and refund policy
The NAi is registered in the Netherlands at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the registration number 41131873 in Rotterdam. All the NAi activities are subjected to the Dutch Tax law within the EU tax law. Since the conference will be held in the Netherlands, the participant has to pay the total fee including the 6 % Dutch VAT.

Registration and payment of the conference fee allow access to the conference, documentation, museum- and library visits, coffee and tea, lunches on Thursday and Friday. This does not include travel costs to and from your hotel and the location where the conference will be held. The conference fee does not cover the conference diner. Date, cost and payment are yet to be determined. Information of the date and costs will be communicated as soon as possible.

The conference office should be notified of cancellations in writing. If the conference office receives cancellations before June 1, 2009, the total conference fee will be refunded, less 25 euro administration costs. After June 1, 2009 no refunds will be made. Please note that refunds will only be made after the conference. 'No shows' are non-refundable and are liable for the full registration. If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute person. The original registrant must submit a written authorization for such a change.

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Conference: Hybrid Architectural Archives 10 - 12 June 2009
In a three day conference in June 2009, the NAi aims to map the development of research and experiences in creating, consuming and using digital architectural archives.

Program of the conference, including thematical sessions and visits to the National Archives and the NAI model collection.

How to get there and where to stay
Addresses and maps of the main venues: NAi Rotterdam and National Library The Hague. We also recommend a number of hotels for conference visitors from abroad.

Visitor information

Here you will find all the practical information you need about The New Institute (the former NAI Rotterdam), such as opening hours, entrance fees and contact details.